Digital transformation & asset management

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Digital transformation & asset management

Performance improvement through digital transformation

Tacmin Madini is a mining project management consultancy that offers unmatched expertise and resources in delivering project management services. We provide extensive experience in project, engineering and asset management from initial conception through final close-out of projects, and beyond.



Founded upon a proven track record as the ideal catalyst to kick-start an organization's road to recovery,  based upon two decades of experience in all aspects of open-pit mining with the aid of Tacmin's business performance improvement system has enabled us to develop a well-established decision analysis process integrated into the overall project.




Following numerous 3-5 year, EPCM and PMC assignments on more than 52 projects across Africa and further driven by our visions and values as well as the lack of contract mining alternatives, by 2010 Tacmin has organically grown to cater for all aspects relating to engineering, management, construction and optimisation of open-pit mines.




Our partnership programs are comprehensive. Following many years of project life-cycle system development and real-time application has made it possible for us to analyse, identify and resolve less optimal mining practices. Through lean-mining and continuous improvement and digital transformation, we optimise and improve from design-to-pit-export.

Our promise

Maximising performance for the customer at the project level,  concurrent design, mining, and the application of project controls throughout the life cycle of the project from design to delivery.

Mine operational efficiency & performance improvement

Asset performance & mechanical maintenance improvement

 Scalable improvement solutions from pit-to-export

Since 1996 we have generated 1210 mining cost benchmark models for international Blue Chip mining companies, with project values fetching up to US$ 5 billion, during which we simulated the Clients’ mine site conditions and imported geological and mine engineering data basis of up to 100 Gb for more than 12 different commodities - of which the annual ROM production on some exceeded 60,000,000 tons per annum. During this time we have developed and applied resource data basis with complete Life-cycle costing of more than 300 different equipment models and sizes, with hauling equipment that ranges from 25 to 380 payload tons and matching shovels of up to 45 m3 bucket capacity. 


we serve

Since 1996 Tacmin Madini has provided world-class project, engineering and asset management services and advanced technologies services that transforms our customer's vision into reality. Our technical expertise enables clients to visualize projects, optimize resources, and realize exceptional solutions. We have the foundation upon which complex projects are constructed.

Mining & Minerals

As experts in operational analysis and redesign, we have delivered business improvement services to open pit mining clients in platinum, gold, diamonds, copper, cobalt, phosphates, coal, fluorspar, manganese, iron ore, vanadium, PGM’s and chrome.


Infrastructure construction experience ranges from dual and single carriage ways, roads & township infrastructure, bridges & concrete structures, storage, tailings &  return water dams, crushing and screening plants, railroad construction.

Energy & Power

Tacmin’s core expertise has not only managed but studied, analysed and advised customers in all aspects of mobile earthmoving construction and open-pit mining equipment ranging from the smallest to top-end size since 1982. 

Mine operational performance improvement…

that is aligned with strategic mine engineering objectives. Not only is our ultimate goal to let your mining operation achieve efficiencies near or similar to autonomous mining, but to deliver this at a fraction of the cost associated with autonomy and should this be viable, pave the way to phase in autonomous solutions through cost savings realised.

Integrated design-to-pit-to-export optimisation

●  Do you want to see where the delays and inefficiencies are in your mine from raw material to final product?

●  Do you have many sophisticated systems that provide focused data around your processes?

Tacmin’s Visualisation Intelligence System (TacVIZ) identifies operational inefficiencies through trend analysis and artificial intelligence. This enables preventative quality alerts (in line with TQM), production auditing and improved SHEQ compliance. The results are a leaner production process, better capacity planning and monitoring, increased production and overall cost savings.


CCTV, Access control, Parking Management, People counting, Facial recognition, Heat mapping, Vehicle tracking, ERP systems, CRM systems, Payroll systems, Mood recognition, Reporting tools, Control room, Background music, Pabx, OS Software, Digital signage, Room booking


Reports, Dashboards, Scoreboards, Ad hoc enquiries, Operational and real-time BI, Reporting KPI’s, Trends


Statistical and quantitative analysis, Optimisation identification, Efficiency measurements, Data mining, Predictive and intuitive outcomes, Multi-variate testing, Big data analytics

Well-established decision analysis process

For more than twenty-one years we performed real time decision making, risk assessments, valuations and comparisons during mining industry related trade-off studies, benchmarking, mine optimisation, operations improvement, equipment performance, mineability studies, capital and operating cost studies with the aid of Tacmin's business performance improvement system​​​​​​​.

Companies we have successfully assisted or completed projects with:


Roy Hill Holdings | Exxaro Resources Limited | African Rainbow Minerals | Tharisa Minerals | African Barrick Gold | Tshipi e Ntle (Pty) Ltd | Samquarz (Pty) Ltd | Shanta Gold Ltd | Ghana Manganese Ltd | Assmang Ltd | BHP Billiton (BECSA)  | Dwyka Diamonds Ltd | Rockwell Diamonds Inc.  | Petrex (Pty) Ltd | Anglogold Ashanti Ltd | Aquarius Platinum Ltd | Xstrata  (Pty) Ltd | Lindum Reefs Gold  Ltd

Paving the way for autonomous mining solutions

“There are thousands of mine sites that do not and would not automate because of logistics, costs, extractive and complex orebody nature and they will continue to follow conventional operator/driver mining methods with increased pressure to improve performance of which benchmark is set by autonomous mining methods.”

What is our main objective?

Not only is our ultimate goal to let your mining operation achieve efficiencies near or similar to autonomous mining, but to deliver this at a fraction of the cost associated with autonomy and should this be viable, pave the way to phase in autonomous solutions through cost savings realised.

How do we do this?

Mining project decisions & execution control with the aid of project life-cycle modelling.

Equipment performance optimisation with the aid of real-time fleet monitoring systems.

Pit-to-export mine logistics optimisation with the aid of audio-visual and IROC solutions.

What we can do for you?

Performance benchmarking and scalable improvement solutions that optimise pit-to-export supply chains.

Above industry standard conformance to the design, plan, schedule, mining cost and budget forecast.

Optimised equipment control & performance, improved safety, preventative maintenance at optimal operating cost.

Pit-to-export mine logistics optimisation of utility and process control, security, equipment monitoring or asset management.

We apply Lean construction principals during contract mine management assignments

From Lean construction principles to integration of the Clients mine engineering to the extent that inefficiencies in contract mining are being addressed and eliminated. Including but not limited to contract mine management assignments, are ongoing mineability reviews of mine plans, operational assessments, asset management, maintenance reviews and optimisation, innovative fleet management systems, contract administration, production performance and cost improvements.

In addition to the value add and due to improved efficiencies

the contractor's operation becomes more profitable