About us

We pride ourselves on giving high-quality service to all our customers.

Our history

Tacmin Madini, a mine engineering, project management and construction management company, was founded in 1996 by Sarel Blaauw, a former director of a leading South African open-pit contract mining company. Since inception Tacmin expertise was sought after for their practical knowledge relating to mine engineering, designs and contract mining related challenges. During the mid-2000’s, Tacmin experts had already been assigned to assist with various challenges on several of the well-known mines across Africa. Although Tacmin’s services were initially aimed at operating mines, by the late 2000’s the company had already built a recordable track record of mining feasibility studies on greenfield projects.


Since inception, due to the nature of enquiries received from customers, Tacmin started putting the focus on operations improvement of mines using sound mining project management principles. Based upon the nature of assignments afforded, Tacmin Madini’s vision to grow into an operations improvement and mining project management company was fully realized in the early 2000’s.


Following numerous 3-5 year EPCM and PMC assignments on more than 50 projects across Africa and further driven by our visions and values as well as the lack of contract mining alternatives, by 2010 Tacmin has organically grown to cater for all aspects relating to engineering, management and construction of mines.

Given the repeated success achieved on a number of operating mines, during 2015 Tacmin’s core expertise embarked upon an analysis of the processes followed in anticipation to develop a business model that can be introduced and offered to mining customers.


Consequently and founded upon a proven track record as the ideal catalyst to kick-start an organization's road to recovery,  based upon decades of experience gained by our multi-disciplinary expertise in all aspects of mining with the aid of Mining Project Management Software has enabled us to develop a well-established decision analysis process integrated into the overall project management process, vital for improving project performance.


The aforesaid process has assisted several mining executives and boards from junior and major listed mining companies to take an informed decision for their mines in Africa.


In March 2018, following 21 years of serving the mining industry of Africa,  Tacmin established an office in Perth to serve mining customers in WA.

Vision & values

Value-added business solutions

With our vast experience, we will continue to add significant value to all our projects, in order to enable our customers to build and operate safe, productive and cost-efficient mines.


Unlocking shareholders' value

Through knowledge and implementation support, we shall continue to expand our business in those areas where we can add measurable and sustainable value to shareholders.


Safety, environment and people

Through our dealings with customers, suppliers, contractors and colleagues during the execution of assignments, we shall strive to:


●  show regard and appreciation for the worth of someone or something
●  care for other living things and the earth (animals, plants, the environment)
●  obey the rules, laws and customs of family, faith, community, and countries in which we operate
●  honour other people's wants, needs, ideas, differences, beliefs, customs, and heritage
●  respect the rights and dignity of all persons, and respect the environment that sustains life
●  never compromise health and safety.

Corporate Values

Corporate responsibility is increasingly central to our strategic and operational thinking. We cannot sustain good financial and operational performance without simultaneously achieving our objectives in human resource development, the environment and community development. We believe our transparent approach to doing business is the only way to fully engage our customers in a meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship.

Tacmin Madini’s fundamental policy is to conduct its business responsibly and in a manner designed to protect our customers, employees, communities and the natural environment. The company is committed (through its support to our customers) to achieving a safe, productive and healthy work environment, and to upholding the values of human rights. We seek to create sustainable value for employees, business partners, communities and, first and foremost, our customers and their shareholders.

We are committed to working together with all mining customers, raising awareness, encouraging action, and to design, develop and maintain safe, optimized, productive and profitable mines with a view to minimising the environmental impact of our operations, reducing or preventing pollution, limiting waste generation and disposal; and where waste must be disposed of, doing so responsibly.

Business strategies

Capture on and further enhance our Client relations 

For two decades we have supported the owners team at all levels of management with services and results that have in every instance added significant value to the shareholders. Consequently, and since operational excellence has become a key source of competitive advantage for many businesses, Tacmin’s core expertise cultivated the processes followed and captured on the key drivers applied and successes achieved during turnaround assignments, to develop a service that supports CEOs and Boards

Expand our services to stimulate sustainable growth of our company

Dealing with one contractor from design to procurement and operation, excludes the potential failure of non-conformance to mine design and plan during implementation. As a result of decades of design, project and contractor management has aligned us to support our customers with a turnkey mining solution as part of the owners team.

Emerge as taking the lead in a changing mining industry

The tough economic environment demands a relentless focus on the smooth running of businesses and given our vast experience base and ongoing research into system designs, business models and solutions, has given cause to the launch of a number of initiatives and solutions which are perfectly aligned with customer demands in tough and depressed market conditions

Achieving sustainable growth through focusing on niche areas.

One approach to growth is to innovate by expanding; whether that means adding product and service offerings, or expanding into new geographical areas. We grow faster if we focus on a certain service or product, or a certain sector, and we spend most of our resources on that. That’s really been the most successful for us. Bigger companies with lots of resources may be able to do everything, but when you’re smaller and have resource constraints, you’ve got to focus.

Acquire and enhance our core with top industry professionals

We know that as we grow into a more niche market and wish to continue to deliver on our promises as we did in the past, we shall require the support of expertise that are adequately experienced and aligned with our vision. It is only through the expansion of our core expertise base, that we can and shall sustain the drive to achieve the challenges our business is confronted with.

Continue to transform for utmost adaptability

Adaptability, the new competitive advantage. In order to adapt, a company must have its antennae tuned to signals of change from the external environment, decode them, and quickly act to refine or reinvent its business model and even reshape the information landscape of its industry. From our services to our capability through our partners, we shall continue to remain geared for utmost adaptability in accordance with the need of our customers

Our promise

Highest level of technical and industry based knowledge

Due to the nature of our Clients’ needs, Tacmin has structured its business to incorporate the highest level of technical and industry based knowledge, coupled with the ability to communicate effectively. From feasibility studies and environmental compliance to design, construction management and operations and maintenance, Tacmin brings together the talent and expertise necessary to deliver in accordance with your requirements.

Considerable exposure and experience in fast-track construction

Tacmin’s core expertise during three decades of experience gained, first as miners, mining contractor and then as a solutions provider to mining companies, has afforded our expertise with considerable exposure and experience in fast-track construction. From mine engineering to enquiry documentation to contract agreements, all work is carried in-house thereby ensuring seamless implementation of contractual obligations between Parties.

Our purpose is to enable you to concentrate on your core business

...we build our client relationships upon the foundation of trust, confidence and integrity... by performing on what we say we are going to do...and being committed to building our relationship with you and your organization for years to come through successful completion of projects for you... delivered on time with quality engineering, construction and competitive pricing.

…..we work with purpose. When there’s a goal, we reach it. When there’s a problem, we solve it. We work safely. Take care in all we do. We strive to do what’s right, what’s fair, what’s honest. We find inspiration and energy in what we do and how we do it. In growing, learning and celebrating together. In making a difference and serving the greater good.

Tacmin has a recordable track record of serving public listed mining companies in mining project delivery since 1996.