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Mine readiness services

Mineability reviews

Construction Managers want jobs to be successful! Experienced Construction Managers (CMs) and seasoned inspectors can help with the vetting process by reviewing mine engineering, mine designs and schedules, tender enquiries contracts agreements, measurement and payment terms to determine if there are built-in problems and flaws that may impede construction or factors that may cause impacts to stakeholders in terms of time, cost or quality.

Mining equipment assessment 

Tacmin’s fleet selection and equipment assessment studies/analysis are fully integrated with the Clients geology, mine engineering and cost accounting system. Furthermore, given our unique contract mining estimation capability, our owner operator and contract mining costs are fully compatible with another to the extent that a zero profit margin unit rate bill can be flipped over to show detailed Capex and Opex costs broken down to cost of finance and LCC of mining equipment.

Owner mining comparisons

Our considerable experience gained in fleet selection has taken us to projects where fleet selections were carried out for top-end size equipment such as RH400 shovels and Cat 797B trucks. Mining production ranging between 1.0 - 6,0 million ton per month are the norm on projects carried out to date and aforesaid equipment selections gave cause to capital recommendations made to numerous mining Clients.


Tacmin Madini has an extensive track record of pit, dump, ramp and haul route designs carried out in a wide variety of rock types on multi-commodity open-pit mines involving coal, gold, manganese, PGMs, vanadium, diamonds, phosphates, chrome, copper, cobalt and iron ore. Production schedules compiled by our engineering experts are based on practical, best NPV, realistically achievable and benchmarked against fleet productions which are derived through simulating the mine conditions.

Solutions in alliance with our

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The generic term “Project Delivery System” relates to the particular contractual arrangements for the approach implemented and utilized to accomplish the goals of a given project including: organization; risk allocation; assignment of responsibilities; pricing and payment obligations.

For any given project there is likely to be more than one Project Delivery approach that would be appropriate, and there may be one approach that is best suited, depending on the Owner’s requirements and capabilities.

Tacmin Madini offers the following project delivery systems to the Open-pit Mining Industry:

●  ​​​​​​​Construction Management as Agent

●  Construction Management at Risk

●  Design, build and Operate

Your open-pit turnkey miner

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Open-pit turnkey construction

Pit, dump and ramp designs | open-book mining costs | production scheduling | budget forecasts | procurement | contract agreements | manpower supply | equipment supply | appoint & manage sub-contractor | explosives | drill & blast | load & haul | design & construct | progressive rehabilitation

Mine infrastructure turnkey construction

Engineering and design |procurement |construction |maintenance |project management | contract agreements | sub-contractors |roads & services | rail road & sidings | mine infrastructure | crushing & screening | tailings, diversion & emergency dams | concrete & steel structures