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Project management services

Project management 

Unique to our project management capabilities is the integrated sustainability controls that takes into consideration the projects’ life cycle from a social, environmental and economic perspective. Through our partner Tacmin Rafiki, we equip over all the necessary skills to analyse the impact that is conducted during project initiation with incremental updates throughout the project life cycle to define and prioritise sustainability risks and opportunities in order to improve the project value; the impact to the environment, society and economy.

Contractor management 

●  Project delivery services.

●  Concept design and feasibility.

●  Procurement and contracting services.

●  Project viability assessment and selection.

●  Technical scope, capital cost, schedule and execution plans.

●  ​​​​​​​Execute with support extending from detailed engineering through to EPCM and PMC.

Owners team

Backed by twenty years of mining project management experience gained during turn around assignments, our expertise has become sought after for their ability to lead integrated project management teams comprising of clients personnel, consultants, contractors and EPCM teams.  Working closely with the owners team, our project leaders equip over decades of experience to provide leadership in the field of project management through tactical communication with stakeholders. With the primary objective of safe execution of the project within time, scope and budget our project managers ensure matters of tactical value are executed within the owners team.

Solutions in alliance with our

associated companies


The generic term “Project Delivery System” relates to the particular contractual arrangements for the approach implemented and utilized to accomplish the goals of a given project including: organization; risk allocation; assignment of responsibilities; pricing and payment obligations.

For any given project there is likely to be more than one Project Delivery approach that would be appropriate, and there may be one approach that is best suited, depending on the Owner’s requirements and capabilities.

Tacmin Madini offers the following project delivery systems to the Open-pit Mining Industry:

●  ​​​​​​​Construction Management as Agent

●  Construction Management at Risk

●  Design, build and Operate

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Open-pit turnkey construction

Pit, dump and ramp designs | open-book mining costs | production scheduling | budget forecasts | procurement | contract agreements | manpower supply | equipment supply | appoint & manage sub-contractor | explosives | drill & blast | load & haul | design & construct | progressive rehabilitation

Mine infrastructure turnkey construction

Engineering and design |procurement |construction |maintenance |project management | contract agreements | sub-contractors |roads & services | rail road & sidings | mine infrastructure | crushing & screening | tailings, diversion & emergency dams | concrete & steel structures