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Equipment study services

Fleet selections & capital recommendations

Tacmin’s fleet selection and capital recommendations studies/analysis are fully integrated with the Clients geology, mine engineering and cost accounting system. Furthermore, given our unique contract mining estimation capability, our owner operator and contract mining costs are fully compatible with another to the extent that a zero profit margin unit rate bill can be flipped over to show detailed Capex and Opex costs broken down to cost of finance and LCC of mining equipment.

Owner vs contractor trade-off studies

On the average contract mining application monthly payment certificates can easily fetch anything between USD 8 to 20 million per month and the only control the Owner has over this cost, is to ensure that waste and ore mining comply to the design, schedule and plan. Contrary to contract mining, in an owner mining application, not only has the Owner total control over every cent, but the cost is controlled by everyone associated with the mining operations – ensuring, total control which can only lead to improvement.

Mining equipment operating cost breakdowns

Tacmin’s mining equipment operating cost breakdowns are consistent with OEM’s Life Cycle Costing (LCC’s) in accordance with equipment capabilities as computed and derived from simulating the mine site conditions. Aforesaid operating costs and breakdowns, which are linked to the Client’s proposed production schedules or budget forecasts, inclusive of a resource analysis exercise which summarises and reflects on the utilisation of each component for the period under consideration.

Benchmarking studies – equipment, production & cost

Benchmarking studies for MARC or owner maintenance operations comprise of a simulation of the mining Client’s current status qou in respect of the mining equipment employed and projected maintenance costs in accordance with the Life Cycle Costs linked to SMU hours at time of the assignment. Aforesaid maintenance benchmark / operating costs which can be expressed in accordance with historical productions achieved and/or capable machine/fleet productions.

Solutions in alliance with our

associated companies

The management of physical assets such as equipment, process plants, machinery and vehicles, focuses at a strategic level on establishing, operating and maintaining an asset portfolio that is aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives, within the context of the regulatory and broader organisational environment.

At an operational management and technical level this necessitates the need for in-depth understanding of asset management principles and processes, enhanced by specialised technical knowledge and techniques related to aspects such as design analysis, data acquisition, condition monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics as well as finite element analysis – all within the context of asset life cycle management.

Asset, Production and Safety Integrity Management (APS-IM) is unique in that it integrates the results derived from assessing the integrity and performance of physical assets, into sound mine engineering principals to inform management decisions within the context of asset life cycles, production and safe operating practices.

Operation centres and control rooms need to function optimally 24/7/365 and therefore employing the most advanced technologies is mission critical. Our partner Questek Advanced Technologies has extensive experience in control room consultation and design, as well as in-depth knowledge of the integration of the...

Globally there is a rapidly growing need to optimally manage physical assets over their entire life cycles, from design through to operation. Traditional factors such as performance and cost drive this need, but factors such as health, safety and environmental impact are gaining importance and therefore need to..

An effective solution to optimal pit extraction, mining sequence, production scheduling and mine plan conformance is of critical importance to achieve desired plant feed grade. Enhancing this with optimal equipment performance and driving down operating cost through savings in equipment maintenance, fuel..

IROC solution outsourced

(Integrated remote operations centre)


Managing an open-pit mine requires access to information in order to monitor activities and assess performance. Trying to understand what information an open-pit mining business has can be challenging because information systems collect and process a vast amount of data in various forms. To flow in the running stream of rapidly changing, increasingly competitive global market scenario and increasingly volatile consumer and market behaviour, management need to analyse accurate and timely information about operations, performance and mine engineering using familiar business terms, in order to gain analytical insight into business problems and opportunities.

Tacmin's outsourced IROC solution supports business analysis and decision making to help our customers better understand their operations and compete in the marketplace.