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Mine management services​​​​​​​

Mining project management

Process plant management

Construction management

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Mining project management

Existing open-pit mines: Tacmin’s core expertise has a track record of 20 years of mine operating experience as part of the owner's team working with all levels of mine management inclusive of contractors, consultants and services providers.

New open-pit mines: More often than not, shareholders, investors or financiers may not pursue an involvement in an economically viable prospect unless an experienced mine operator is on board.

Process plant management

Owners process plant management: Processing plant management and maintenance is considered an important expansion of Tacmin Madini’s core services due to the integrated link between mining and processing as well as Tacmin Madini’s considerable track record in mining operations improvement.

Outsourced process plant management: Outsourced processing plant management and maintenance is a natural expansion and supplement to Tacmin Madini’s mining project management service. 

Construction management

The generic term “Project Delivery System” relates to the particular contractual arrangements for the approach implemented and utilized to accomplish the goals of a given project including: organization; risk allocation; assignment of responsibilities; pricing and payment obligations. For any given project there is likely to be more than one Project Delivery approach that would be appropriate, and there may be one approach that is best suited, depending on the Owner’s requirements and capabilities.

CEO & board support

Those that can go the extra mile from an operational perspective will have a strong advantage. Shrinking margins, globalization and increased competition have all increased pressure on mining companies to execute better. Mining companies that can bring their products to market quicker and more efficiently than their competitors are the ones that will be better able to capture market share and grow sustainably. This focus is true in rapid-growth markets too, where effective COO’s recognize that growth needs to take place in the context of greater efficiency.

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