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Impact and benefits

Rapid and real-time turnaround

Management and restructuring

Transparency, history and sustainability

Best practises shared throughout

Rapid and real-time turnaround

Critical to all operations improvement turnaround projects is the speed at which turnaround or improvements needs to take place. Emergency management is key to short-term survivability and ownership by all team members throughout the entire turnaround process guarantees a fast and effective outcome. Needless to say that with video-enhanced turnaround management, every process, action, requirement and achievement is captured and visible to all.

Management and restructuring

With our unique approach to operational improvement performance turnaround using video as a platform, there is no need for emergency management. Tacmin’s turnaround expertise is simply assigned and forms an integral part of the owner's team from where they facilitate the process, leaving the existing mine's management to lay the foundation and manage their own turnaround – hence no restructuring and or no additional or new management requirement, accept or unless otherwise required by executive management.

Transparency, history and sustainability

Transparency and ownership, two of the most critical ingredients in any turnaround management process. Tacmin’s video-enhanced turnaround management contains both, added to which video portals become the organisation’s library to best practices, procedures followed and actions taken during operations improvement projects. Long after recovery or return to profitability, video platforms will become and form an integral part of your organisation. 

Best practices shared throughout

Best practices are priceless and once captured can be shared and made available instantly throughout the entire organisation. Fully supported by our video media platform team, this process can be captured on one mine and shared within the group on several mines simultaneously, all of which can be self-recorded or captured, transformed, seamlessly managed and shared through the cloud by our expertise. Watching of the video, we will leave it up to you!

Solutions in alliance with our associated companies


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Operations improvement outsourced

(one platform – all video)


Turnaround situation assessment

Once our customers have recognised the need for operational improvement, we do not spend months on end to assess the situation, instead, we immediately get stuck into short-term survivability. During this initial stage of turnaround, we work closely with the owner’s team to actively engage with MRM departments to determine the shortcomings and where applicable support the appropriate personnel to re-engineer and execute mineability assessments for implementation.

Based upon 21 years of experience gained during operations improvement / turnaround assignments, our operations turn-around team experienced that longer-term viability assessment is generally not required since the vast majority of longer-term viability is subject to securing the short-term future of the business through stabilising the distressed mining stage under consideration.