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Client's representative services

Contract management 

Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance at an organization, all while reducing financial risk. Organizations encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to reduce costs and improve company performance. Contract management proves to be a very time-consuming element of business, which facilitates the need for effective and automated contract management system.

Measurement and control

Led by a team of GIS specialists and certified engineers with solid scientific and engineering backgrounds, we combine these diverse capabilities and the appropriate technologies to deliver what our clients want most – fast, cost-efficient accurate and relevant geospatial solutions that meet the project’s needs. Our skilled technicians can acquire high quality imagery and create an assortment of products, including, but not limited to digital aerial image files, rectified orthophotography, display quality enlargements and photo mosaics.

Client's representative 

Some procurement systems include the role of Client's Representative. This is the person responsible for managing the project on behalf of the Client. This may be an individual from within the Client's organisation, or may be a consultant, such as an architect, surveyor, engineer or project manager.

Tacmin has an established track record in the management of open pit mining projects on behalf of the Client on projects which employ some of the largest contract miners in Africa.


With more than 20 years of experience in Mining Operations Management using Tacmin’s measurement and control systems successfully delivers turn-key solutions to clients in Sub-Saharan Africa. Tacmin can effectively execute projects of any scope and complexity. Our services include the design, implementation, maintenance and optimisation of complete open pit contract mining operations. We assist clients to maximise operational efficiency and increase revenue by optimising operational control.

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The generic term “Project Delivery System” relates to the particular contractual arrangements for the approach implemented and utilized to accomplish the goals of a given project including: organization; risk allocation; assignment of responsibilities; pricing and payment obligations.

For any given project there is likely to be more than one Project Delivery approach that would be appropriate, and there may be one approach that is best suited, depending on the Owner’s requirements and capabilities.

Tacmin Madini offers the following project delivery systems to the Open-pit Mining Industry:

●  ​​​​​​​Construction Management as Agent

●  Construction Management at Risk

●  Design, build and Operate

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Open-pit turnkey construction

Pit, dump and ramp designs | open-book mining costs | production scheduling | budget forecasts | procurement | contract agreements | manpower supply | equipment supply | appoint & manage sub-contractor | explosives | drill & blast | load & haul | design & construct | progressive rehabilitation

Mine infrastructure turnkey construction

Engineering and design |procurement |construction |maintenance |project management | contract agreements | sub-contractors |roads & services | rail road & sidings | mine infrastructure | crushing & screening | tailings, diversion & emergency dams | concrete & steel structures