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Procurement services

Shadow bids / zero profit margin bids

Our core expertise are former contract mining specialists who have gained considerable experience in estimating, from first principles, the costs associated with open-pit mining applications – from 30 to 380 ton payload trucks, drill and blast, manpower requirements and taxes, to mobilization, amortization of capital equipment, overhead and markup – which enabled us to successfully procure multi-million dollar mining contracts.

Enquiries & tender documents

During two decades of applying sound Construction Management principles and experience drawn from Construction Management assignments on more than 50 multi-commodity projects across Africa, has helped us to identify and mitigate risk in planning and executing projects. Since construction projects require management of the process, whether it’s done in-house or with hired expertise, the incremental cost of hired expertise can be more than offset by the cost efficiencies of better planned and coordinated construction.

Contract mining agreements

Unique to our tenders and contract mining agreements are the analysis of the impact that is conducted during project initiation with incremental updates throughout the project life cycle to define and prioritise sustainability risks and opportunities in order to improve the project value; the impact to the environment, society and economy as well as the project’s alignment organisational strategy.

Contract re-negotiations

We partner with our Clients to deliver projects, provides expertise in engineering, procurement and construction and offers a wide range of consulting and advisory services. From creating new assets to sustaining and enhancing operating assets, we cover the full lifecycle. Our strong and enduring relationships with international infrastructure providers and technology partners ensure the most effective project solutions are delivered safely and sustainably.

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The generic term “Project Delivery System” relates to the particular contractual arrangements for the approach implemented and utilized to accomplish the goals of a given project including: organization; risk allocation; assignment of responsibilities; pricing and payment obligations.

For any given project there is likely to be more than one Project Delivery approach that would be appropriate, and there may be one approach that is best suited, depending on the Owner’s requirements and capabilities.

Tacmin Madini offers the following project delivery systems to the Open-pit Mining Industry:

●  ​​​​​​​Construction Management as Agent

●  Construction Management at Risk

●  Design, build and Operate

Your open-pit turnkey miner

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Open-pit turnkey construction

Pit, dump and ramp designs | open-book mining costs | production scheduling | budget forecasts | procurement | contract agreements | manpower supply | equipment supply | appoint & manage sub-contractor | explosives | drill & blast | load & haul | design & construct | progressive rehabilitation

Mine infrastructure turnkey construction

Engineering and design |procurement |construction |maintenance |project management | contract agreements | sub-contractors |roads & services | rail road & sidings | mine infrastructure | crushing & screening | tailings, diversion & emergency dams | concrete & steel structures