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In partnership with our subsidiary – Tacmin Rafiki

In January 2016, A Preliminary Atlas – “Mapping mining to the sustainable development goals” was released to encourage mining companies of all sizes to incorporate relevant SDG’s into their business and operations, validate their current efforts and spark new ideas. In August 2016, and given the ongoing commitment of the Tacmin Group of companies to sustainable development support, a policy decision was made to commit to the United Nations “Mapping mining to the sustainable development goals”. 

In order to achieve our business objectives and goals, we strive to develop a culture that will support high performance and foster ongoing improvement. We believe that, by reducing complexity in operations, our Clients business will achieve its full potential. In brief, through a new focus we strive to achieve operational excellence.

We acknowledge that, due to its nature, the mining industry has the potential to cause significant environmental impact. Therefore, we are committed to assist our Clients with evaluating, planning  and managing such impacts on an ongoing basis from exploration to development, operation, and closure of sites.

We strive to assist in building long-lasting relationships based on open, respectful, and trusting communications, which allow us to better understand the impact. We implement long term community development plans that focus on the improvement of the quality of life, and supply the resources required to implement the same.

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